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Luftbild Gut Hülsenberg
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Visit of the Young DLG Group Bernburg at Gut Hülsenberg

Junge DLG auf Gut Hülsenberg

At the invitation of SCHAUMANN, eleven members of the Young DLG Group of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Bernburg paid a visit to the Gut Hülsenberg. The guests were given an insight into the history, structures and services of the farm. A further topic that was covered was current housing and feeding strategies for dairy cattle and calves. The participants also had the opportunity to see this for themselves directly on site in the new barns.

The guests were also very impressed by the broad range of work carried out in the laboratory and the sustainable concept for the use of renewable energies. In the evening, there was a lively dialogue with the managing directors about the image of agriculture and the recruitment of junior staff.