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Calves (birth to 6 months)

A new barn providing space for 100 calves in three different sections was built in 2013:

  • Newborn calves are kept in single boxes organised in units of three until they are 14 days old. These boxes, which can be moved around on rollers, are located at the outside of the barn.
  • At 15 days of age, calves are transferred to group pens with straw bedding.  
  • They are then transferred to a cubicle section with rubber mat flooring. The cubicles are always stocked using an all-in/all-out approach for hygienic reasons. From 7 months of age, the heifers are finally moved to the freestall system for our cows.

Appropriate care for newborn calves with high-quality colostrum is essential for successful calf rearing. Calves are weaned early and provided with highest-quality dairy-based raw materials during the first eight weeks of their lives. Calf rearing on Gut Hülsenberg follows the clearly defined goal of providing intensive feeding to fully utilise the animals’ substantial growth potential and promote their resistance to disease.

Picture gallery

Calf in single box
Single boxes organised in units of three
Group pens
Calves in group pens
Drinking calves
Calves during feeding