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Luftbild Gut Hülsenberg
A glimpse of the past

Milestones in our development

H. Wilhelm Schaumann bought Gut Hülsenberg in 1953 in order to be able to intensify practice-oriented research trials. Gut Hülsenberg was a typical value-adding operation with relatively poor soils and a high livestock density and therefore offered ideal conditions for the development of effective feed concepts. Over several decades, the estate was gradually developed into an internationally renowned research and communication centre.

SCHAUMANN feed consultancy service


Birth of the SCHAUMANN feed consultancy service, whose experts take new insights and processes, many of which are developed on Gut Hülsenberg, to farmers.

Hülsenberger Gespräche


First Hülsenberger Gespräche, which have since developed into an international, interdisciplinary specialist forum for progressive agriculture.

Import of Holstein Friesian cows


Import of Holstein Friesian cows – a true milestone in the company’s history, which revolutionised Holstein breeding in Germany.

Development of the CK test


Development of the CK (creatine kinase) test for measuring stress resistance in pigs.

Deep-freezing method for boar sperm


Development of a deep-freezing method for boar sperm at the AI station on Gut Hülsenberg.

Method of processing liquid manure


Trials on Gut Hülsenberg of an environmentally friendly, effective method of processing liquid manure.

New housing system for dairy cows


Completion of a new experimental housing system for dairy cows on Gut Hülsenberg.

Construction of our field test biogas plant


Construction of our 776 kW field test biogas plant with 526 kW power output and 250 kW power output via a satellite CHP plant to be able to investigate whether the results of model trials can be transferred to practical biogas production.

New dairy cow housing system


New dairy cow housing system with 123 beds (open design, horizontal ventilation controlled via blinds, insulated roof, experimental set-up with two groups of 60 cows each).

Refurbishment of barns


Refurbishment of the heifer barn, 134 cubicles for heifers from about five months of age.

Refurbishment of older dairy cow housing system with currently 105 cubicles (three groups) and three deep-litter calving boxes, 2 x 12 side-by-side milking parlour.



Relocation of ISF, New calf barn and liquid manure biogas plant



Research and development activities on the estate have intensified even further since ISF Schaumann Research relocated to Gut Hülsenberg and extensive modernisation works were completed.

New calf barn for 100 calves in three separate sections: single boxes, a deep-litter section and a slatted section with cubicles.

Commissioning of the 75 kW liquid manure biogas plant for the exclusive fermentation of cattle manure.

Commissioning of the new silage plant


Commissioning of the new silage plant: The augers transport concentrate to the mixer feeder wagon at a rate of about 400 kg/min.

New slurry tanker


New slurry tanker with 21 m³ capacity: Drop hoses ensure application close to the ground with associated minimal nutrient losses and odour emissions. Filling the tank with a centrifugal pump on the boom takes only two minutes.

Milking robots


Conversion to milking with 4 milking robots. Extension of the cow barn to 250 cubicles and a fresh cow area for 30 - 35 animals.

Automatic feeding

Futterküche Lely Vector

Gut Hülsenberg is taking a further step towards digitalisation and automation with the installation of an automatic feeding system. The Lely Vector was commissioned in the second half of 2023.