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A successful harvest of the 1st cut despite a short time frame

1. Schnitt auf Gut Hülsenberg

The cool and unsettled weather made planning the first cut of grass very difficult this spring. Due to the raw fibre content of 22-25 % indicated in the fresh grass samples, it was clear that the grass needed to be harvested without delay. The only days with no rain forecast in the foreseeable future were the 18th to the 20th May, so the team decided on those dates. Contrary to expectations, some sunshine and a good wind came just at the right time, which enabled them to achieve an excellent dry matter content of over 30 %.

Since the dry matter sugar content in the raw material was over 10 % and the silage would have to be opened up again in two weeks, they chose to use the Bonsilage Speed G silage additive this year. They also based their decision on what was needed in the cow shed because the high-quality grass silage from 2020 had mostly been used up. With the harvest now brought in, in two weeks' time they’ll be able to continue feeding an optimum basic ration for high milk yields and healthy cows.