Press releases

LKV annual report 2019
13.02.2020 - Gut Hülsenberg takes the leading position in Schleswig-Holstein

Last week, the Landeskontrollverband Schleswig-Holstein (State Monitoring Association (LKV)) published the 2019 performance figures of its more than 2,600 affiliated dairy farms. 

Visit of the Young DLG Group Bernburg at Gut Hülsenberg

At the invitation of SCHAUMANN, eleven members of the Young DLG Group of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Bernburg paid a visit to the Gut Hülsenberg.

Maize harvesting at Gut Hülsenberg
08.10.2019 - Quality and quantity are spot on

The good distribution of rainy periods at Gut Hülsenberg led to the maize not only being of very high quality, but the quantity was also perfect.

District Farmer’s Day at Gut Hülsenberg

This year’s Farmer’s Day of the Kreisbauernverband Segeberg (District Farmer’s Association Segeberg) was held at Gut Hülsenberg on 5th July 2019.

LKV Annual report 2018
22.03.2019 - Gut Hülsenberg among the top positions

The Landeskontrollverband Schleswig-Holstein has published its annual report. The high performance level of the Hülsenberg dairy herd was demonstrated once again.

Drought leads to low yields
03.07.2018 - Harvesting the 2nd cut at Gut Hülsenberg is complete

On 28 June, the second cut was brought in under perfect weather conditions. Ensiling agents were imperative to protect this silage from secondary heating and mould formation.

New record for lifetime yield at Gut Hülsenberg
02.07.2018 - The dairy cow Frauke reaches 150,000 litres

In spring 2018, Frauke, who was sired by Aaron, exceeded the 150,000 litre milk mark and in doing so set a new lifetime yield record at the Gut Hülsenberg.

Rye WPS harvest at Gut Hülsenberg
26.06.2018 - Premature ripening due to dry conditions

Rye WPS was harvested at Gut Hülsenberg in early June. The harvested rye WPS will be used as biogas substrate in the Estate’s own biogas plant (776 kW) during winter.

2018 harvest launched at Gut Hülsenberg
22.05.2018 - Ideal weather conditions for the 1st cut

Gut Hülsenberg brought in its first cut on 13 and 14 May. A prior analysis of fresh grass samples showed that the fresh grass contained sugar levels between 12 and 16% in dry matter.

Maize harvest under difficult conditions
26.10.2017 - Some fields could not be driven on at all

The maize harvest on Gut Hülsenberg started on 9 October 2017. Poor weather with more than 100 mm of rain had delayed the harvest by a good two weeks.

The harvest is being brought in at full steam
21.07.2017 - 3rd cut of forage and winter barley harvested

Gut Hülsenberg used several days of good weather to bring in its 3rd cut of forage and harvest its winter barley.

Grass silage, 2nd cut, after 23 days of ensiling
27.06.2017 - BONSILAGE BASIC range for measurably higher feed quality

The highly favourable weather conditions with adequate warmth and rain ensured that grass regrew quickly after the 1st cut.

BONSILAGE SPEED G markedly accelerates the ensiling process!
26.06.2017 - Best ensiling result for the 1st cut on Gut Hülsenberg

The 1st cut for 2017, which had been treated with Bonsilage Speed G, was opened again after a short ensiling period, as planned. The good appearance and pleasant smell evident as soon as the silo was opened were already indicative of impeccably high silage quality.

1st cut successfully ensiled
24.05.2017 - BONSILAGE SPEED G used for short ensiling period

The 1st cut on Gut Hülsenberg was harvested under excellent conditions on 17 and 18 May.

Milk recording 2016
27.03.2017 - Outstanding results from annual milk recording

The dairy cow herd on Gut Hülsenberg once again increased its performance substantially in the recently completed 2016 recording year.

Maize harvest in full swing
29.09.2016 - Gut Hülsenberg farm will finish its 2016 maize harvest in the next few days.

In total, just under 400 ha were harvested within a week in very good conditions.

Grass silage 3rd cut brought in with high yields
21.07.2016 - a precise cutting height is gentle on the apical point and ensures clean harvesting

Under once again excellent conditions the third cut was brought in on the Gut Hülsenberg with an average 33 % DM.

Gut Hülsenberg - 2nd cut has been successfully brought in
08.06.2016 - Providing the dairy cattle with excellent grass silage

On 6.6.2016 and therefore only 25 days after the first cut, Gut Hülsenberg was able to bring in the second grass cut under once again perfect conditions.

New liquid manure spreader with state-of-the-art technology
19.04.2016 - Gut Hülsenberg invests in environmentally friendly liquid manure and digestate spreading technology

A new liquid manure spreader with state-of-the-art technology was delivered to Gut Hülsenberg in April 2016 and immediately put to use. Liquid manure and digestate are now spread exclusively near ground level using drop hose technology. Applied quantities are metered electronically and documented without exception.

2015 milk recording
- long productive life and high lifetime yield

In the 2015 monitoring year, the success of the long-term sustainable milk production strategy pursued by Gut Hülsenberg was once again confirmed.

Website Gut Hülsenberg
23.09.2015 - Virtual tour of our farming operations

The website gives visitors vivid, informative and comprehensive insights into our farming operations.

European Dairy Farmers visiting Gut Hülsenberg
20.07.2015 - More than 30 participants were warmly welcomed on Gut Hülsenberg.

The EDF marked the occasion of its 25th anniversary by holding its annual Congress in Rostock, Germany, in the country where the association was founded. More than 300 dairy producers, partners and other interested parties from all over Europe spent three productive days discussing current issues and future challenges of dairy production and gathering valuable information about the dairy production environment in Germany.

High lifetime productivity per day of life for sustainable dairy production
14.07.2015 - Life cycle assessment of Gut Hülsenberg

Environmentally friendly profitability can be done. A life cycle assessment prepared in collaboration with BASF has shown that the dairy production on Gut Hülsenberg has substantially less environmental impact than that of an average dairy farm in Schleswig-Holstein.

Optimum conditions for consistently high performance
26.03.2015 - Frauke: a lifetime yield of 100,000 kg milk

The dairy herd of currently 210 cows on Gut Hülsenberg in Wahlstedt stands out through consistently high performance. Over time, the performance of the dairy herd on Gut Hülsenberg has consistently increased. The current average per cow is 11,873 kg milk with 3.91% fat and 3.27% protein.