Overview of Gut Hülsenberg



Available Areas

700 ha operating area
Maize, ley, cereals, catch crops
Peaty mineral, light to loamy sandy soils
(18-35 soil rating points)

Dairy cows

220 cows
12,067 kg milk with 3.88% fat and 3.31% protein

Barn with 123 cubicles

(open design, horizontal ventilation controlled via blinds, insulated roof, experimental set-up with two groups of 60 cows each)

Older pen with 105 cubicles (three groups) and three deep-litter calving boxes

2 x 12 side-by-side milking parlour

Calf barn

New calf barn, built in 2013, for 100 calves in three sections: single boxes, a deep-litter section and a slatted section with cubicles

Heifer barn

134 cubicles
Heifers from about five months of age

Biogas plants

776 kW field test biogas plant:
   526 kW power output and

   250 kW via a satellite CHP plant
75 kW liquid manure biogas plant solely for fermenting cattle manure

Training site for farmers
Internships for tertiary students
Seminars and training events by Huelsenberg Holding


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Gut Hülsenberg

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