Hülsenberg Estate

Praxis, research, communication


H. Wilhelm Schaumann bought Hülsenberg Estate in 1953 in order to

be able to intensify practice-oriented research trials. The estate, located in Wahlstedt in the district of Segeberg, today comprises about 600 ha arable land, a dairy farm with about 210 cows, and two biogas plants


Hülsenberg Estate is where research meets practice – the estate has been home to ISF Schaumann Research

since mid-2013.


Hülsenberg Estate serves as a venue for seminars and training events that allows participants to gain valuable direct insights into the operating conditions of a working farm.


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Farming operation

Animal welfare for high profitability


Hülsenberg Estate provides optimum conditions for animal welfare and thus ideal prerequisites for maximum per-



Our dairy herd has doubled to about 210 cows, as has our yield, which currently stands at almost 12,000 kg milk per cow. The 2 x 12 side-by-side milking parlour represents state-of-the-art technology. Extensive refurbishments and new construction works for cow, heifer and

calf housing have now been completed.


Field work on Hülsenberg Estate includes animal husbandry, management of barn waste and responsibility for feeding, liquid manure and repairs.


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Sustainable power generation


Hülsenberg Estate comprises a 776 kW field test biogas plant as well as a second, 75 kW research biogas plant solely for fermenting liquid cattle manure in order to be able to test whether the results of model trials can be applied to practical biogas production.


As a positive side effect of our research on the efficient operation of biogas plants, Hülsenberg Estate now produces sufficient climate-neutral electricity to cover virtually all of the power needs of the Schaumann plants.


Biogas plants on Hülsenberg Estate

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