Gut Hülsenberg


A working farm and communication centre since 1953

When H. Wilhelm Schaumann bought Gut Hülsenberg, his primary goal was to promote the close interaction between research and practice.


Gut Hülsenberg was a typical value-adding operation with relatively poor soils and a high livestock density and therefore offered ideal conditions for the develop-ment of effective feed concepts.


Over several decades, the estate was gradually developed into an internationally renowned research and communication centre.



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The milestones in our company’s history

The import of Holstein Friesian cows in 1966 was a true milestone in the company’s history, which also revolu-tionised Holstein breeding in Germany.


The foundation of the SCHAUMANN feed consultancy service and the establishment of the Hülsenberger Gespräche in 1965, which have since developed into an international, interdisciplinary specialist forum for progressive agriculture, also constituted important developments.


Other significant milestones include decisive contributions to the development of caesarean sections for the production of SPF piglets and artificial insemination as well as a wide range of product innovations, from the Phosphoral minerals concentrate to complex active agents for animal nutrition.


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Research and practice under a single roof

Gut Hülsenberg provides an ideal forum for testing directly whether new methods and innovative products can be usefully transferred to practice.


Gut Hülsenberg has also been home to ISF Schaumann Research since mid-2013. The collaboration between research and practice encompasses supply to and disposal from the various segments in which we work, including silage, trial facilities, building management and heat supply.

All companies of Huelsenberg Holding are able to gain direct insights into the working environment of a modern farm, which they can then apply together with their employees and clients.



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