Calves (birth to 4 months)


Appropriate care for newborn calves with high-quality colostrum is essential for success-ful calf rearing. Calves are weaned early and provided with highest-quality dairy-based raw materials during the first eight weeks of their lives. Calf rearing on Hülsenberg Estate follows the clearly defined goal of providing intensive feeding to fully utilise the animals’ substantial growth potential and promote their resistance to disease.



Heifers (5 to 24 months)


Heifer rearing management and feed basis determine the age at which heifers first calve and the milk yield they achieve throughout the subsequent years of their productive life.
Intensive feeding in the early months of a calf’s life in particular establishes a solid basis for high lifetime yield and fitness. As heifers transition to the second year of rearing, the intensity of the feeding strategy is adjusted to support them optimally through to their first calving, which is the decisive factor for long-term operating profits.


Dairy cows (first calving through to high lifetime productivity)


Dairy cows have been fed a single-phase total mixed ration (TMR) for many years. A high feed intake capacity and daily ration control are fundamental requirements for the success of this feeding strategy. The TMR at Hülsenberg Estate is designed to provide a very high level of energy of > 7.10 MJ NEL per kg DM. The use of state-of-the-art feeding technology facilitates daily feeding and ensures a consistent, stable supply of nutrients. Highest-quality staple feeds form the crucial basis for high daily yields over a long productive life by ensuring that the Hülsenberg dairy cow herd is optimally supplied with protein, fibre and energy.