Animal housing


Dairy cows

Dairy cows are kept in two open-design freestall systems with insulated roofs and horizontal ventilation controlled via blinds.

The conversion to milking with 4 milking robots took place in 2019 in connection with a comprehensive expansion. 
 Milking is performed with 4 Lely Astronaut A5 milking robots. A new fresh cow area for approx. 30-35 animals was also created. The animals are under constant observation via video surveillance.

Since the expansion in 2019, the dairy cows are kept in a two-row system with 250 cubicles. The cubicle system consists of raised cubicles equipped with appropriate comfort mattresses and is regularly covered with straw-lime mixed bedding.

All columns are equipped with rubber mat flooring and partly with emission-reducing columns. The columns are cleaned every 2 hours by two column robots. A pusher robot regularly pushes fresh feed into the feeding area.

Climate-friendly dairy production on Gut Hülsenberg