Animal housing


Dairy cows

Dairy cows are kept in two open-design freestall systems with insu-lated roofs and horizontal ventilation controlled via blinds.


The freestall system, which was moder-nised in 2012, combines a single-row and two-row design and comprises 105 beds and three large calving boxes with deep litter.




The two-row freestall system, which was newly constructed in 2010, comprises 123 cubicles. All of the beds are designed as raised sloped floor cubicles with rubber mat flooring. The mixed straw/lime bedding is regularly changed. Passages are covered with rubber mats for improved comfort of movement; these are scraped automatically.


The herd is milked in a side-by-side 2 x 12 milking parlour. An area with straw bedding is provided for cows that have recently calved at the rear of this section.

Climate-friendly dairy production on Hülsenberg Estate